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Dragons Valley is a dragon fan forum originally founded in 2006, its target audience was fans of dragons as well as self described Otherkin. Dragon Valley's very first incarnation was meant to be a lifeboat for members of Tysha's dragon forum and to serve as a friendly competitor to contemporary sites such as Draconomicon and Dragon Realms. Unfortunately the original variant of our site collapsed early in it's development only a few weeks after opening, this ocurred in the spring of 2006. The site was gradually reconstructed the following year in the summer of 2007, but from that point on we never truly recovered and our small community of dragons and fans of dragons humbly drifted along through many years of ups and downs, stagnating but never vanishing completely, we've been resilient as would be expected of dragons and their ambitions.
Unfortunately, as all things must one day end, the original Dragons Valley ceased to function in December of 2018, it was designed from deprecated code and so we laid the old forum to rest that it might fly the skies of time and memory, it is now defunct, but remains preserved for posterity here --> http://www.dv.dragons-valley.com/index.php. The OG-DV had served us well for many years. But, like the mythical phoenix it has now been reborn anew with this modern revamp.
Disclaimer: Due to privacy concerns, the majority of the interactive features of our community require a quick registration, but below is a brief tour of what is available, either publicly or to members.

Features available to the public consist of the news, welcome and rules sections of the forum. The "About Us" page containing a quick site history, Member Galleries (subject to change should privacy requests arise) Member Blogs (also subject to change) Site Content, FAQ's, the Dracopedia, the site's Calendar, the Dragon Map, our downloads, assorted web links and our site's Dragon Wiki.
One of the primary goals we have as a community to do differently than other dragon groups and communities is to accumulate a treasure trove of dragon and otherkin relevancy. These can be writings, speculations, theories, experiences and general incite that one may wish to share with others! We hope to begin by building a repository of dragon and otherkin speculations and experiences. Similar to Jafira's Otherkin Guide, but built up from the knowledge, experiences, anecdotes, and growth of countless others who wish to share! Likewise, why just stop there? We can have art, journals, blogs, creative writings and so forth! If it's dragon'y or helpful, we wish to give you a place to share it all, however you like! So, in addition to member blogs and member galleries, we have opted to allow registered members to submit their personal or relevant writings to a variety of categories to be preserved and shared with others freely. Likewise, access to edit our site's wiki will always handily be granted upon request or interest, just let us know what you're thinking of adding or changing! It is our intended desire that Dragon's Valley will be a world of knowledge and experiences built by the views and contributions of its members and guests!

Dragon Valley's map feature has been utilized to pinpoint the location of over 100+ dragon landmarks from around the world, not just images or snippets of detail, but the exact locations to the best of our abilities.

We also offer a Member Map wherein members can voluntarily offer their general locations or cities to share their overall whereabouts with others nearby.

Registration unlocks the ability to access the full forum:

Registration also unlocks access to a ShoutBox, a Member Map, the ability to edit the event calendar, Private Messaging, the ability to submit content such as personal dragon writings, works or theories to the site, the ability to create a personal blog and the ability to create a personal art gallery.

Registration also allows access to our Discord widget, our server is a small but friendly group, we see ourselves as a family and are always eager to share friendship and support to new faces and friends who may wish to join or visit.

At present, our Wiki is not bridged to the main site, but it only requires a quick registration as well if you wish to contribute. Anyone is welcome to contribute to it so long as your additions are relevant and assistive! Jafira did their best to flesh it out with a few contributions of their own prior to opening the site to the public, please feel free to browse and check it out!
Dragon Wiki

Our Forum hosts a variety of dragon emoticon packs to assist in expressing yourself, we hope they'll be fun and playful in moderation!
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If you scroll to the very bottom of the front page you will note that there is a random Youtube video, Jafira or others will typically just throw random dragon videos or music down there on occasion just to keep things fresh and changing. The feature is easily ignored if not your cup of tea.

But in addition to cringe'y random dragon tributes from the admin or mods, the video feature can also be used for more useful purposes such as streaming. The video feed at the bottom of the page can show your Picarto art, or YouTube and Twitch game streams upon request, Jafira would be happy to link to members' streams and is eager to mirror them here on site for our friends and family to watch at their leisure.

As our community's numbers and membership begins to grow, it may be possible to start a Steam group, we can perhaps play games together and stream the footage for others to watch as our group and friends play and game together!

This site may not be the best, or the largest, it may be small and fledgling, but it has a purpose, to show those who love, connect, or identify with dragons, that they are not alone in their convictions, that although our visitors may be worlds apart, they may share one common conviction, one which can unite us, a singular agreement, an inner longing to connect with, and to know, that which we perceive to be dragon.

That in sharing experiences and philosophy, spirituality and theory, and a common love for all things draconic, we may unite, affirm, trust, and grow together, no longer will those who felt as outcasts need feel alone again. Should this site not be of your liking, or be found laughable, that is okay, there are many others like it, the Internet is a grand place, move on. But so long as I can show even a single person, that they are not alone in their beliefs, then I have changed a life, and this site has succeeded in its purpose.

I invite you to join us, join us on a journey of spiritual exploration, of self affirmation, of speculation, of theory and debate, of myth, and of fantasy. At times the road may be rough, or controversial, but in the spirit of our common connection with that mystic ever changing entity that we call dragon, we shall continue in our journey and grow stronger from our experiences.

We welcome you here!

~Jafira Dragon