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Rules and Guidelines was created by Jafira
DV Forum Guidelines
Dragons Valley
Dragons Valley was built for Dragons and Dragon lovers to come together, chat and basically just have fun!

But... there are a few rules, nothing particularly strict or unreasonable, these rules are enforced on most any message board you would visit.

The Rules

#1 Do not post nonsense and gibberish: This forum is meant for dragon discussions yet in the past there have been a lot of pointless posts made, so my first rule is - Not to waste people's time by posting nonsense or other forms of pointless rambling. While we all have a sense of humor, material that is completely devoid of intelligence does not belong on these boards. The only exception to this rule is in the Nonsense Board.

#2 No role-playing except on appropriate boards: Okay this site is about dragons, usually involved in the topic of dragons comes Draconity- (the belief that one was a dragon, or is connected to one in some way.) These people are not Role-players that is their belief! Anyway, Role-playing is restricted solely to the Nonsense board, and the Role-playing Forum.

#3 There should be no flaming on these boards: Pretty much, if you want to argue with someone, take it off the boards. If you have a problem with a troublesome member and can not solve the problems through PMs contact one of the Mods.

#4 No Species Bashing: So, anyway like I may have mentioned I and the other admins feel that it is okay to allow discussions of Draconity/Otherkin on our messageboard. (Otherkin means one's spirit was not originally human I.E - Dragon, Gryphon, Fox, Wolf. etc.) A lot of people may not agree with, or may even want to attack these beliefs, but there will be none of that here! Everyone is entitled to their own personal belief.

Note: Rule #4 also applies to threads attacking humans.

Note that Draconity Otherkin threads are only confined to two or three boards: If the thought of draconity makes you uncomfortable there are plenty other sections on this forum you can use instead of that one. I.E --> Literary Forum, Artistic Forum, Videogames and Anime, Role-playing Forum, Nonsense board, etc...

#5 Be discerning with political and religious discussion: Religious and political threads are likely to happen due to the spiritual nature of the site, please be reasonable and avoid discussions which will directly challenge another's convictions (I.E If you believe you're a dragon you're going to hell). The belief in dragons or one's own draconity does not necessarily mean they do not practice a separate religion. Both politics and religion are both often deeply engrained beliefs and it is offensive to directly confront them, little will change another's mind and people will only become hurt or defensive, please be respectful of others' beliefs. Deep discussion is fine, reasonable debate is fine, but attacks and antagonistic posts will not be tolerated.

#6 If you are not a moderator, do not try to act like one: If someone is breaking a rule in a way that annoys you or makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to tell them that you do not think they should be doing that, but do not make a habit of it or purposely search for trouble makers. If someone has severely broken a rule try to pm a mod to take care of it.

#7 Do Not Post Mature Content: This message board is rated as a PG-13 Zone, so no posts of a Mature nature will be permitted, such as posts containing extreme violence, like fantasy violence in the Role-playing or Nonsense forums.

#8 Use the preview function: The preview option that sits next to the post button is a tool which will show you exactly how your post, profile picture and signature will look before you add it to the board. You can use it to check your forum codes and other formatting, as well as seeing how your profile and signature looks without making 'test' threads, and save yourself from having to fix blatant mistakes with edits.

#9 If you post an external link, please be discerning: You can share sites with the rest of the board that make you laugh or think, but just try to be discerning, if the site has unsuitable content do not bother posting it, if the link has relevance to a particular topic go ahead and post it, if you would like to show off a new site that you have built or updated feel free to post a link in the Free ads section.

#10 Have Fun!!: These rules are not very harsh when you think about it, they probably will not even affect half the members and me and the mods are understanding and will allow a few mistakes with just a warning and such. Pretty much we want everyone on the boards to be a family or community, there are bound to be a few disputes but we anticipate that and will do our best to solve them peacefully.

This forum was built for dragons and dragon lovers but that does not particularly mean you have to like dragons to be a member, many sections of the forum are free game for anyone - the Artistic/literary forums, the RP forums, the videogame/anime forum and the nonsense boards. So yes - non-dragon lovers are invited too! All that we ask is that everyone respect each other!

For New Members

If you are new to the boards, you can join existing threads at anytime or start one of your own to announce your arrival.

If you start an introduction thread, please make it in the Introductory forum and take the time to tell us about yourself, because while we are generally friendly people it is hard to respond to "Hi I am new and I like dragons bye now,"

If you do not know how to introduce yourself some ideas are to list what some of your interests are, how you found the board, how you feel about dragons, or if you know anyone who already posts here. If you are going to use a new thread to announce yourself, be sure to give some type of description.

But most of all, just try and be yourself, use your common sense, treat others with respect and have fun!

The Moderators :

Since I am way too friendly and gave out power to practically everyone I met, there are many moderators for this forum, aside from myself (Jafira), the forum mods are listed beneath the topics. They are all available through PMs if you have any problems. Each mod has equal authority and is not confined to any one board. They will usually be around at different times and will enforce the rules if necessary.

Guidelines For Avatars/Signatures :

Signatures are allowed as long as they are no more than 4 lines long. If you wish to use an image in your signature that is fine as long as it is of a sensible size (If you have a large picture to display, in file size or length it may take long to load for modem users or stretch the board) (Reasonable sizes would be - 468/80 For Banners). If you want to test your signature there is a test board near the bottom of the forums. (if there are any problems with images in a signature a mod may request that it be resized, if you are unable to resize it yourself ask a mod and they will do it for you)
We now have new avatars that you can choose from or you can feel free to upload your own, due to the site's programming, all avatars, animated or not, are restricted to a maximum size of 150 x 150 pixels.


In Regards To Epic Battles To Save The Planet:

Understand that this site is not a front or recruiting ground for any spiritual warfare or conspiracy theories, including but not limited to the Annunaki or any other negative force, spiritual or otherwise, it is not designed for discussions of David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, the Illuminati or the Reptilian Agenda, there are a variety of alternative sites on the Internet designed for that purpose, spiritual and non.

The purpose of this site is to provide support and companionship for those professing or struggling with dragon spirituality issues, as well as to provide an open environment for dragon related discussion in general. Injecting spiritual warfare and possibly divisive controversial ideas into such a community could risk confusing or putting off those seeking support and self understanding.

Understand that many who may come across this site may be confused, struggling with phantom limbs, strange emotions, sensations, attractions, etc. They may feel lost or confused, they may believe that they are alone in their struggle, and may be coping with many new and frightening feelings and ideas, this site is designed to help them with these struggles and their search for spiritual self realization, whatever their individual perceptions may lead them to.

I only wish to clarify the stated purpose of the community above and encourage that from here on topics leaning towards more New Age Philosophies and Spiritual matters be posted within the Metaphysical Discussion Board and a degree of discretion be used in regards to the diverse views and beliefs of our members present and to come.

We are a small community at present and should strive to appeal to our target audience, dragonkin and lovers of dragons. Many of our visitors will likely be unfamiliar with much of this subject matter, spiritual warfare and universal restoration, conspiracies and so on will be beyond the perceptions or desires of many who may come to visit or stumble across this community.


Concerning discussions about religion mainly.

On many forums, Otherkin places included, one sometimes comes to talk about religion. And in some cases, those topics tend to slide towards literal flame wars between religious people and the others. A point that should be made clear is that talking about religion is not forbidden as long as it's not a bigotry show nor a topic in the sole purpose of forcing one's own religious views on others. If such topics are seen here, the administrators/moderators can take the appropriate actions.

This is an Otherkin community, not a place to debate about the truth of a faith or another.

~ Jafira Dragon
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